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Sickle Cell Eastern NC


_userimg-enccc-logoThe North Carolina Sickle Cell Program was established in 1973. It provides services to persons with sickle cell disease, a lifelong red blood cell disorder that is passed from parents to children through genes. The program focuses on early detection and treatment, which can prevent many serious health prblems. It also offers education and genetic counseling for the general public.

The North Carolina Sickle Cell Syndrome Program is committed to providing quality care and services through its system of Regional Sickle Cell Educator/Counselors, comprehensive medical centers and community-based organizations. The program works closely with the Governor’s appointed NC Council on Sickle Cell Syndrome to address the changing needs and issues of the sickle cell community. By working together these organizations bring hope and a brighter future to persons living with sickle cell disease and their families.

_userimg-children-box1Quotes from Patrons

“Living with sickle cell disease is not a death sentence. It is but one of life’s courses that forces us to utilize inner strength. The North Carolina Sickle Cell program continuously transcends my expectations, making life as comfortavle as possible. It has helped me realize that boundaries are only within the mind, not the body. I value the program for helping my family and me cope with and understand the disease.”

J.Fields, Educator/Counselor, Patient

“When we first learned that our son had sickle cell disease, we were in shock and denial. We learned so much from the North Carolina Sickle Cell Program that helps us. Thank you. Today our son is a very energetic six year old who has tremendous courage to face the disease.”

Mr. & Mrs. D. Taylor, Parents

“The program and staff go above and beyond the call of duty. The broad range of resources and support help people with sickle cell feel good about themselves and how we approach life.”

J.D.Wiley, Jr., Adult